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Orchid Nursery & Tissue Culture Lab

Stephward Estate Orchid & Exotic Plant Nursery and Orchid Tissue Culture Lab, Uvongo South Coast South Africa


Orchids are for sale from Stephward Nursery or on our on-line shop. We delivery all over South Africa

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We have over 200 types of Cattleya’s from Species to hybrids etc.  We also have a large selection of Vandaceous Orchids and Oncidiums, Miltonias, Ceologynes, Dendrobiums etc.  We mostly sell Blooming stage plants although we do have seedlings as well. 

An orchid is a member of the Orchidaceae family, the largest group of all living flowers. There are at least 25,000 different species of orchids, with probably thousands more that remain unknown or unclassified.

An orchid can grow in almost any climate except deserts, but most of them are native to tropical and subtropical climates, with tropical America having the largest variety. An orchid can also grow in all kinds of soil, including rocky soil or anchored on trees. The color of an orchid depends mainly on where they grow. While Asian orchids are bright and multicolored, an African orchid is usually white. The same is true of their format and size, which varies greatly from species to species.

We can also supply orchids plants for functions and weddings, with a buy back refund on plants returned. This is only available to our area.Price and availability to be quoted on.

We now have our own Laboratory for both Seed and Meristem Orchid Tissue Culture.We do have Orchid Flasks available from time to time. Please see the Plants for sale section.
We also do orchid flasking for the public. If you have your own cross or a seed pod you would like flasked please contact us! The pod must be correctly labelled !!!

Working in a Laminar Flow Bench at Stephward Estate Laboratory with Orchid Tissue Culture

For a short Video of our Plant Tissue Culture Lab Click Here

For a short video we made on how to deflask (Take out and plant) an orchid from a sterile culture flask click here


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